Bergen needs extra money, over 45 million extra, for Cycling World Championship

Bergen cityNorway.Bergen city.Photo: wikimedia.commons

The price tag for the Cycling World Championships in Bergen in September will be far costlier than anticipated. The municipality needs 45.4 million extra.

The city council in Bergen have seen all the city council departments in the municipality to review assets and resource needs during the cycling world championships.

Those where no extra money has been received, and for which there are no funds in existing budgets, wrote Bergensavisen newspaper.

The assessments have resulted in the city council proposing that the municipality faces a budget of 45.4 million for extraordinary emergency preparedness, and operational continuity needs, during the championships in September this year.

‘The previous city council may not have made careful enough assessments of the costs the municipality would incur as the host city for the cycling world championship.

I would think there was a little bit too much cheering during the application process,
and a little bit too meagre systematic overview of the tasks, and costs, that would be incurred by the municipality of Bergen’, wrote city council leader, Harald Schjelderup (Arbeiderpartiet – Ap) in an email to the newspaper.

In 2013, the city council granted 20 million for implementation. Three years later, they granted an extra 5 million. If the city council says yes to a further grant, the bill will shoot up to 70.4 million as the city’s share.

The Cycling World Championship in Bergen is scheduled from the 16th to 24th of September. Half a million spectators are expected,with 300 million following the action on TV.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today