Despairing Johaug after the CAS judgment – will return in 2019

Therese JohaugTherese Johaug.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

A broken hearted Therese Johaug (29) says the last day has been absolutely terrible.

The 29-year-old was completely dissolved in tears when she attended the press conference on the 3rd floor of the Hotel Steiger-Dellai in Seiser Alm on Tuesday morning.

The manager Jørn Ernst opened by saying that it was not exactly what they had hoped for. He said the team could not understand how it could end this way.

Johaug’s lawyer Christian B. Hjort says to NRK that it is not appropriate to push the matter further before the Swiss Supreme Court.

The team received the message at 12 noon on Monday. Ernst called the message a big shock. Johaug received the difficult message surrounded by her family.

– I’m completely broken. I had a dream about the Olympics, and I was told yesterday that I  cannot go there, “said Johaug together with her manager.

She said that she has done her best lately and that she thought this last message was hard to accept.

“I cannot understand why I have received this sentence and I feel treated unfairly. But I have also said that I will not give up before I get back on the start-line and I’m standing by that.

I do not know how my motivation and mental state will be in the future. Now it’s the World Cup in Seefeld (2019) which is my next goal, and it’s one and a half years to go.

I have to work on myself to get this out of the way, “Johaug told the Norwegian press corps.

Inner pleasure
Therese Johaug pointed out that she still found joy in being out in nature and that she still has a dream of standing at the top of the podium. She thanked all those closest to her for the support through this difficult time.

Without them I would not be here. I ask for respect and to get some private space now after the terrible message I received yesterday. It was a shock and it may not have dawned on me yet.

It’s terrible. It’s a matter of my life, and I felt that I had deserved a small upturn now, but instead it was a downturn again. I’m empty of words, said Johaug.

When she started to received questions about if she thought there was politics behind the decision, things got worse.

“I do not think about anything but losing the Olympics,” said Johaug.

She then excused  herself  after six to seven minutes on the podium.


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