Destiny Party in New York

Chess player Magnus CarlsenNew York, USA. Chess player Magnus Carlsen.Photo: Pontus Höök / NTB scanpix

On Monday, Magnus Carlsen has become world chess champion for the third time.

In the twelfth part, the reigning champion took advantage of white pieces.
At 20:00, Carlsen took his first move in the twelfth and last ordinary party.
Chess interest in the country is enormous and NRK 2 news and VGTV have been experiencing very good numbers despite the matches often continuing well into the night.
NRK 2 was even the largest channel, with 21 percent audience share, during Thursday’s party.
After eleven parties are definitive from 5.5 to 5.5. Russian Sergey Karjakin has given Carlsen a surprisingly tough resistance until now.
In Monday’s party, Carlsen had to consider whether he should risk a little extra for a larger victory chance, or whether he considered himself so strong in the quick and blitz that he was not afraid to go into such a duel.
If it says 6-6 after twelve parties are namely the rapid variations of the program in New York. At a draw after blitz, it all settles in a so-called “Armageddon.”
Then the player with the white pieces has a small temporal advantage (five to four minutes), but if he has not won the match by the deadline, it is considered a loss.
– The last party becomes unbearably exciting, where Magnus has the white pieces, which is chess home, said chess president Morten L. Madsen to news agency NTB after the eleventh party ended with a draw.
– Magnus will be the best in rapid chess, but then are chess skills not only essential. Nerves of athletes are also important, said Madsen.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today