Earlier helps disappointed Carlsen

:Magnus CarlsenNew York, USA.Chess World Cup 2016.Photo:Magnus Carlsen, Norway.Photo: Pontus Höök / NTB scanpix

Magnus Carlsen had no plans to win a new world title in the last ordinary party. – Gambling, believes the chess genuis’ former second Kjetil A. Lie.

After only 35 minutes and 30 moves Monday’s party was over. Carlsen obviously went for a draw even though he had the benefit of playing with white pieces. With the victory, he would become world champion for the third time in a row.
Instead it says 6-6 on aggregate, and Carlsen must focus on deciding the Cup in Wednesday’s replay. It’s the same day as his 26th birthday.
– It was a shocking fast draw. I am disappointed by the play approach to Magnus. It was toothless, and it seemed like he just wanted to ensure a replay. I will call gambling, for he gave away a white party. In the replay, it is set quite similar again, says Lie to news agency NTB.
Grand Master was part of Carlsen’s support as his second, in 2007.
He believes the world champion from Lommedalen showed Karjakin great respect.
– There must have been something to do with nerves. In the replay there will be no sudden death as it had been today if he had made a big mistake and lost.
He has secured a number of opportunities, but it was a defensive choice. Not a good sign, said Lie.
– I’m not sure who the favorite is in the replay. Magnus is perhaps slightly ahead with 55/45, but nothing more. Psychology has seen the World Cup match shift back and forth.
Magnus showed him so much respect by going for a draw with white pieces, it is a psychological victory for Karjakin. It gives him a boost.
Lie points out that the Russian has strong results for the replay.
– Where he has previously been shown to be psychologically strong.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today