Good and bad pool manners – some basic rules

Swimming poolSwimming pool

There is little that makes me happier than a trip to the pool. Swimming is for me the ultimate sport. It requires basic equipment only. Anyone can engage in it, young and old, big or small. And it’s almost impossible to get hurt journalist in Bergens Tidende, Erlend Jensen Haugen, writes.

Sometimes situations occur in the pool. Usually there are established ways to handle such occasions. For us who have been swimming a few times, this is routine. But not all are that experienced, so here are some basic guidelines.

Do not use the one lane labelled “fast swimming” if you are only going for a lazy swim, or is just fooling around in the water. One would think this was obvious, but it is empirically proven not to be the case.

Nor is it good pool manners to swim in the middle of the lane. The rule is to stick to the right, as when driving a car. Get lapped, take a break at the next turn and let the one who swims faster pass you.

So what is bad pool practice? Well, I remember an episode in the Central Bath (Sentralbadet in Bergen) some years ago, before it was closed down. A middle-aged man, around 50 years-old, insulted a woman in the same age group for swimming to slow – he was himself of course using flippers.


Source: / Norway Today