Handball party continues as Norway heads to World Cup semifinal against Germany with Danish help

Bjarte MyrholHERNING, DENMARK 20190123. Bjarte Myrhol.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The World Cup dream lives on for Norway. After a dramatic Wednesday night, everything went well for the Norwegian team. First with a 35-26 victory over Hungary. Then Denmark finished the job.

The Swedes were beaten 29-26. Thus, the Danish and Norwegian semifinals in Hamburg will be on Friday. The Danes meet France, while Norway plays against Germany.

The Norwegian squad followed the Denmark – Sweden match at the Scandic Regina hotel. Much of the talk before Wednesday’s game revolved around a possible agreement between the Danes and Swedes fixing a result.

It didn’t happen.

It was exciting, with the Swedes in front with one or two goals much of the time. At break it was 13-13, but a little before the second half, Denmark got a lead and the home team never gave up.

Norway lost the World Cup final against France two years ago. Now Christian Berge has the chance to step right to the top.


Magnus Jøndal continued his adventurous scoring rush in the World Cup. He scored five goals after just ten minutes had been played in Herning. In the end, there were seven goals.

Against a heavy Hungarian team, Bjarte Myrhol threw himself into the field and hit the ball intogoal for 12-8. Then national team chief, Christian Berge, cheered as if the team had won the final.

Sander Sagosen then shot 13-8.

Hungary fought hard, but the quality difference between the teams was quite clear. The width of the Norwegian squad came into its own.


Right after the break, Norway scored two goals in a short time and took the lead 19-14. Espen Christensen had filled the Norwegian goalkeeper position from a disappointing Torbjørn Bergerud.

The veteran made several saves immediately (23-15 after 36 minutes).

Finally, the Norwegian victory margin was nine goals.

The Hungarians had a lot to play for. From 2nd to 7th place in the World Cup gave a loss that was too big, and Egypt instead have the chance as Olympic qualifiers.

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