The handball team has the best reputation of the national teams in Norway – We are proud and humble!

Handball team,NorwayHandball team,Norway: Photo:Sponsor Insights.

Monday night the womens championship for handball stared. A recent survey of analytical and advisory Sponsor Insight shows that the handball girls are in a unique position among national teams in Norway.

A full 60% of the population have a positive impression of the handball girls. In conclusion, Norway loves handball girls!

Sponsorship Insights survey show that handball girls are the team that has the best reputation in Norway. The poll shows that 60% of the population have a positive impression of the handball girls, which is a new record.

-Women’s handball has made progress in reputation and interest, and so far in 2016 have the best result ever measured. What is unique is that they have an equally strong position in both men and women, says Vegard Arntsen, managing director of Sponsor Insight.

Secretary General of the Norwegian Handball Federation, Erik Langerud, is proud and humble of the population’s clear voice. – This is very nice for the handball family and for handball girls. We bring this into the championship and will do our utmost to keep the people’s favor.

Sponsorship manager for the Norwegian Handball Federation, Gjensidige, has been a proud sponsor of the handball girls for 25 years and likes what they hear.

– Women’s handball team has always had a strong position, and it is gratifying for us as title sponsor that this just gets better and better, and that they are winning the hearts of the Norwegian people, says Stian Grøstad, sponsorship manager at Gjensidige.

About the survey

Sponsorship Insights interest and reputation tracker is completed by a nationally representative sample of the population in the period January-November 2016. 4113 respondents answered the survey.


Source: Sponsor Insight / Norway Today