Man unharmed from hang-glider crash

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Man came unharmed from hang-glider crash in Hvittingfoss

The man, who was hanging in a tree with a hang-glider in Hvittingfoss in Buskerud, was cut loose and returned to the town on Tuesday night.



The man was cut loose from the straps that held him in the tree. Then he legged it down to the usual landing site just north of Hvittingfoss center, writes the local newspaper Østlands-Posten.

The message about the accident came in at 9 pm on Tuesday. According to the pollice, the hang glider was stuck in a tree on the mountainside at Tuftfjellet.

Several people

The man in the hang glider set off along with several others, enlightens Operations Manager Erik Gunnerød in South-East police to NTB.

– It seems to have gone well with him. The others have had radio contact, and he says he is unharmed, explained Operations Officer earlier in the evening.

The man hung according to police about three meters above the ground, and the fire department tried to find their way to get him down.

Hvittingfoss is a widely used area for hang-gliders. People from many parts of Eastern Norway go there to fly over Lågendalen.



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