Stay to more victims of domestic violence

Per Sandberg Asylum SeekersMinister of Fisheries Per Sandberg (Progress Party).Photo:

The Government will give stay to more victims of domestic violence

The Ministry of Justice will expand the Immigration Act’s provision for continued residence of foreigners who has been abused in their relationship.



The Ministry proposes that the provision also includes abuse by other members of the household than the applicant’s partner.

– Preventing domestic violence is an important priority for the government.We know that people from minority backgrounds have an elevated risk of experiencing domestic violence.

– We are constantly working against domestic violence, also to meet the specific needs of foreigners who are subject to abuse in the family context, says Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Sandberg is acting Minister of Immigration and Integration.

The proposal submitted for consultation with a deadline on August 23, is a follow-up measure to the Government’s action plan against negative social control, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

The Action Plan against Violence in Close Relations – “A Life without Violence” – applies for the period 2014-2017 and contains concrete measures in the areas of prevention and visibility, knowledge and expertise, relief and treatment, prosecution, cooperation and coordination.

The Government has also strengthened efforts to combat negative social control, forced marriage and female genital mutilation with a separate four-year action plan, which was launched on 8 March this year.


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