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Top ice-skater earns his keep as “Nisse”

Jørgen Sæves ice-skaterJørgen Sæves in Stavanger. Photo:


Norwegian ice-skater earns his keep as “Nisse”

National team ice-skater, Jørgen Sæves (24), has to pay a deductible on international travel in the World Cup. The money he earns, among other jobs, as a Santa.


Smaalenenes Avis writes this on Christmas Eve. In the course of Christmas Eve, he will pose as Santa Claus on ten occasions. It’s the third year in a row that he is doing so and he’s fully booked.

– People pay what they want. I have not set any price. But on average, I get around NOK 500 per assignment. I could do this for free since it’s Christmas Eve. At the same time, it is a decent source of income for me. Some also think it is prudent that a national team athlete comes. Many of the adults in the houses wish me “good luck” with the rest of the season, Sæves tells the newspaper.

Around NOK 5000 was the final tally last year. It is money that is very welcome for his venture.

– Actually, I was lucky and performed in the team sprint event for Norway in Japan. This reduced the deductible by NOK 12,000. Otherwise, I would have had to pay NOK 36,000, says the 24-years-old full track ice-skater from Askim.

The ice-skating team does not give full support to all athletes on the national team. That means those who are not considered as belonging to the very top, must pay a deductible to compete overseas. Sæves informs that so far this season he been billed for NOK 24,000 for trips to Japan, Poland and the Netherlands.


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