Lagerbäck says I see myself in the mirror and realise that I’m starting to get pretty old

Lars Lagerbäck (right).Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

On Sunday Lars Lagerbäck closed the door completely to an extended coaching career after his contract with Norway expires next summer.

‘’Although I enjoy it very much, I will be very surprised if I continue after the next summer.

I have to see myself in the mirror and realise that I’m starting to get pretty old’’ said Lagerbäck at Sunday’s press conference in Torshavn.

He turns 71 in July.

‘’I always say that I will not close any doors, but it is very unlikely’’ the national team coach said of the possibility of extending his coaching career.

Expiring contract

The goal is to get Norway to the European Championships in 2020. It seems difficult to do this through the ordinary qualification, where the Norwegian team only has two points in three games.

In any case, Norway will have a new opportunity in UEFA’s national next year. From the Norwegian level, the winner of the playoffs will receive the European Championship (EM) ticket.

It could quickly become Serbia as an opponent in the semi-finals for Norway. In that case, it will probably be a tough task.


The Swede took over the Norwegian national team in 2017. In the past two home games, Norway have given up a 2-0 lead and only got draws against Sweden and Romania.

“It has become a bit too much “rock’n roll ” said Lagerbäck, who both times was very surprised by the Norwegian defensive collapse.

On Monday, the Faroe Islands are an opponent. In addition to Norway’s match, Spain plays against Sweden, and Romania against Malta. For Norway, a Spanish victory and to be given points by the Romanians would be the most favourable outcome.

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