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Magnus Carlsen is back in position as favourite

Magnus CarlsenNew York, USA. Magnus Carlsen. Photo: Pontus Höök / NTB scanpix


Chess President, Morten L. Madsen, thinks Magnus Carlsen took back the favourite position when he won the tenth game in the championship match against Sergey Karjakin.

‘Now, in winning this match, the picture has reversed completely, and Magnus is again the favourite to win’, said an excited chess president to the news agency NTB just minutes after Carlsen took a necessary advantage in the tenth game against his Russian opponent.

Madsen saw the home stretch of the World Championship game ‘ringside’ in New York. He said that for over seven long hours, the Russian took on the Norwegian camp.

‘The atmosphere was electric. The audience was infected by the tension of the players. When Magnus won, he was cheered as if it was a football game’, said the chess president.


Carlsen himself was naturally delighted after he balanced accounts with his first win at this year’s World Championship.

‘It is a great relief. I haven’t won in ten games, and that hasn’t strictly happened to me before. It was a tough fight, and it’s going to be in the future too, but now we are, at least, fighting on equal terms’, said the reigning world champion at the press conference after the game on Thursday night.

Friday is a rest day for the two duelists before the 11th chess match commences on Saturday. The score overall is 5-5.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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