NFF allows top clubs to lend young players throughout the season

The Norwegian Football AssociationThe Norwegian Football Association.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Football Association has introduced a trial scheme that makes it possible to rent players between the ages of 18 and 22 to other clubs even when the transfer window is closed.

The goal is that young players should more easily get playing time at a high level.

‘’Our desire is for the talented players to have as good a battle arena as possible. We have looked at the current scheme and found that we must have a system with more flexibility” said NFF’s competition director Nils Fisketjønn to ‘Sportshjørnet’.

Lending of players has previously had to take place within the opening period of the transfer market.

There has also previously been a similar variant of the trial scheme which is now being introduced, but at that time it only applied to players on age-determined national teams.

The arrangement had to be settled due to international transfer rules.

The selector admitted to ‘Sportshjørnet’ that NFF has not been in contact with the International Football Association (FIFA) about the 2019 variant.

‘’What we are trying out now is a bit on the border, but we have, among other things, looked at the scheme Sweden has.

This may conflict with FIFA’s rules, but is a project we want to try out now’’ said Nils Fisketjønn.

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