NFF hopes to copy Danish mass testing

Leif Øverland.Norsk ToppfotballLeif Øverland.Norsk Toppfotball : Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB scanpix

There is talk about full stadiums from autumn in Danish football. NFF and Norsk Toppfotball doubt that it is possible in Norway, but are inspired by the Danes.

Nils Fisketjønn of Norway’s Football Association  does not want to reveal how they plan to be open for more spectators in the Elite Series, but reports that they are closely observing and following efforts made in Denmark.

The Elite Series Clubs in Norway have only been able to allow a maximum of 200 spectators. Meanwhile, the Danish Super League have been able to take in 500.

-” The Danish had 2500 spectators the past weekend.  This is what we’ve observed.”, said Fisketjønn to NTB. 

He is the Director of Competition in the association.

-” We wrote a letter to the authorities and asked for a meeting to discuss the possibility for more spectators. 500 first, then to try more later on.”, explains Fisketjønn.

-” We are very happy with how the trial matches and evaluation went.” he said.

-” We can section off, identify, and secure the tracing of infections in a rather high level with a controlled spectator environment. We are therefore convinced that we can reasonably increase the spectator capacity further, and the goal is to return to close to the normal capacity by the start of the next season.” the football organizers continue to say. 


Norsk Toppfotball (NTF) is also encouraged by the Danish.

-” Denmark has an infection application that has worked. Everyone who has been to the matches must have had the app. This way, they had oversight over who sat where and can warn if someone infected was there:” says the Administrative Director, Leif Øverland, to NTB.

-” We have an electronic ticketing system for our matches, this allows us to notify via text message.”, said the Commercial Leader Pål Breen, in NTF.

You will also receive a recommended way of travel on the ticket. The ticket will also specify which entrance to take and where to exit.

-” No one will be able to go from one to another audience area.”, said Øverland.

He emphasizes that Norsk Toppfotball sees that it is not likely with full stadiums this season. 

-” We are hopeful for a gradual opening and are humbled by what is happening in the community. We would like the same rules that are in place in society like the one meter rule and with extra requirements for hand hygiene and washing surfaces.” says Øverland. 

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