Northug’s father: “Petter did not manage the transition”

Northug retires cross-countryPetter Northug. Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB Scanpix.

John Northug, the father of Petter Northug, says that the transition from active career to the life after has been difficult for his son.

-”Petter is a kind boy, but has not managed the difficult transition from having an active career to life  in a good way.  Northug admits to Se og Hør.

John Northug spoke after his son was stopped doing 168 km/h on Thursday, August 13, on his way out of Trysil.

At a press conference on Friday, Petter Northug admitted that the police found around 10 grams of cocaine in his home. 

The former cross-country star has been charged with speeding, driving under the influence of drugs and the possession of drugs. Petter Northug has denied that he was affected when he drove to and from ski school in Trysil.

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