Norwegians think England will be biggest disappointment of European Championship

Football Soccer - Euro 2016Paris.Football Soccer - Euro 2016.Photo:REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Norwegians think Germany will win the European Football Championship in front of France and think  England will  be the biggest disappointment of the Championship. This is revealed in a new, international football survey, conducted in nine countries.

The Norwegian polling company Opinion, was comissioned by the gaming company Unibet to ask respondents among the population in nine countries which country are the favorite of the Championship and which country they think will be the biggest dissappointment of the Championship .
– In eight out of nine of the countries surveyed  Germany  isthe big favorite, ahead of France. Belgium is the only country where the respondents think that their own mode country will win the Euopean Championship,  PR manager in Unibe,t Steffen Løvholen,says .
-When asked about what nation they do not want to win,  the majority of Norwegians answer Russia, followed by Italy and Turkey,  Løvholen says.
In the same survey a representative sample of the population asked which team will be the biggest disappointment in the European Championship. In most of the countries, England is the number one choice. Even the majority of the English respondents think England will be the  biggest disappointment  of the  Championship.

Here are some results from the survey:


Which team do you think will win the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS?

Norway:  1. Germany, 2. Spain, 3. France

Sweden: 1. Germany, 2. Spain, 3. France

Denmark:1. Germany, 2. Spain, 3. France


England: 1. Germay 2. England, 3. Spain

Scotland: 1. Germany, 2. Spain, 3. France

Wales: 1. Germany, 2. Wales, 3. Spain

Northern Ireland: 1. Germany, 2. France, 3. Northern Ireland

Ireland: 1. Germany, 2. Spain, 3. France

Belgium: 1. Belgium, 2. Germany, 3. France


Which team becomes football-EMs biggest disappointment:

 Norway:                     England

Sweden:                  England

Denmark:             England

Belgium:                    France

England:                England

Wales:                    England

Scottland:            England

Ireland:                     England

Northern Ireland:        England


Source: Unibet / Norway Today