Norwegian salmon has been a hit in Spain during the coronavirus pandemic

SalmonPhoto: Caroline Attwood / Unsplash

Norwegian salmon has fared very well in Spain during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Norwegian salmon has strengthened its position in Spain, despite an exacerbation of the pandemic,” Bjørn-Erik Stabell, the Seafood Council’s envoy to Spain, said.

He noted that, market-wise, salmon is the fastest-growing fish species in Spain.

The turnover value of salmon consumed abroad and at home has increased by EUR 112 million so far this year, according to Kantar.

“Spaniards have previously eaten the most salmon in restaurants, and the good thing is that when their society closed down, they started preparing salmon dishes at home,” Stabell said.

Frozen salmon

In particular, the sales of frozen salmon from Norway have increased during the coronavirus outbreak.

From January to September, sales increased by 26% in volume and 18% in value, mainly because several chains now sell Norwegian frozen salmon at the freezer counter.

“Salmon is the fastest-growing fish produce in Spain, despite the fact that they had a new lockdown in September.

“The export value for fresh and frozen salmon has increased by a total of 2% to NOK 359 million in September, compared with last year,” Stabell added.

Salmon consumption

Today, Spain is the second largest seafood market in Europe. Spain is also emerging as one of the largest consumer markets in Europe for Norwegian salmon.

When the borders and restaurants reopen, and tourists return to Spain, Stabell believes that Norwegian salmon will get a further boost.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, about 50% of salmon in Spain was consumed at restaurants.

“We believe this outdoor consumption will return to the same high level when society returns to normal, in addition to Spaniards continuing to eat salmon at home,” Stabell concluded.


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