Ødegaard said after match that it was ‘a bit boring that there was no goal’

.Martin ØdegaardSkopje, Makrdonia.Martin Ødegaard.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Martin Ødegaard (18) played with the Sparta defence this weekend. The Heerenveen player danced past one opponent after another.


The television clip of Ødegaard’s little playroom went viral on social media.

‘I went down to the corner and got one (player) on each side. It was time to run around him, and I succeeded.

It was almost a goal too. It’s a bit boring that it wasn’t a goal, but it was a nice treat’, smiled Ødegaard when he spoke of the weekend’s show.

Instinct took over

‘Was this something you’ve been practicing?’

‘It’s not something I’ve been practicing so much, it was more instinctive there and then. It was almost a goal, and it was even cooler with goals,’ said the 18 year old who has been hired from Real Madrid this season.

‘I didn’t know if I had so much time. I was closed in on the inside, but managed to get out of it. There wasn’t much time, but I did well’, said the talented player, who is back in the national eye.

Not since March 2016 has the trail-blazer from Drammen had a chance at the national A-team. Against Macedonia on Saturday, the Real Madrid-owned player gets his chance. It will be Ødegaard’s tenth match for Norway’s A-team.

‘Yes, I have more tricks,’ said Ødegaard.

Will be in Heerenveen‘Nothing will happen in January. I’ll be in Heerenveen to play out the season. Then I’ll return to Madrid, so we’ll see what’s going on there, but the whole season will be in Heerenveen’, he said.
Ødegaard scored 11 goals in the Netherlands this autumn. He has never scored for the National team. Perhaps the first goal in Skopje will be on Saturday night.

‘It would be great, and I’m attempting big-time to get it. I’m going to try’, said the technician, who’ll finally get the chance under Lars Lagerbäck.

He returns home to play for the U21 National team after Saturday’s match in Skopje.


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