Ødegaard says it was a tough match

Martin ØdegaardMartin Ødegaard.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Martin Ødegaard is tired after the schedule in recent weeks. The Faroe Islands match he compared to “the 2nd round in football NM”.

Norway won 2-0 after two goals by Bjørn Maars Johnsen after half-time.

‘’It was a tough fight, but we got what we came for. Our opportunities in the pool are worse than before the Romania match, but everything is possible if we beat Sweden and Romania away’’ said Ødegaard.

He will now have a long-awaited holiday.

‘’It’s been a long season. We (Vitesse) played six games in May, and then I almost went straight into two national matches. It will be good to have a break.’’

Ødegaard expects to get a clarification about the club “in the next few weeks”.

He has a contract with Real Madrid for the summer of 2021, but he is probably rented out for another season. Ajax and Leverkusen are well into the fight for the Norwegian’s contract

‘’The immediate goal is to come back to Madrid whether it happens in one, two or three years’’ said Ødegaard.

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