Computer gaming as Olympic sport

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Opening for computer gaming to become an Olympic sport

Computer game players, or ‘gamers’, may be able to compete for Olympic medals from the year 2024. The Paris Olympic Committee likes the idea of making gaming an Olympic event.


Tony Estanguet said he wants to talk to people within e-sport, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about the possibilities. Paris will, after all, be the organiser of the summer Olympics in seven years time.

E-sport has had an explosive increase in popularity in recent years. There are already a number of tournaments for ‘gamers’. Computer games are on the program for the Asia Games in 2022.

No comment on board games

Estanguet believes e-sport should be viewed as a legitimate sport if the Olympics are to remain relevant for new generations.
‘We have to rate it. We can’t say that ‘this is nothing for us, it doesn’t fit in the Olympics’. Young people are interested in e-sports.

Let’s look at it, let’s meet them and see if we can find a solution,’ Estanguet said to AP news agency.

The 2024 Olympic Games will take shape in 2019. The final decision on new events will be taken by the IOC after the Tokyo Games in three years. Estanguet made no comment on whether Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess, Tiddlywinks, and Matchstick Poker- not to mention ancient games like Mahjongg and Backgammon – are under consideration for the Paris Olympic Games.


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