Ronaldo to Ullevaal in fantasy football revenge grudge-match from hell

Norway - Brazil in the Soccer World Cup 1998Norway - Brazil in the Soccer World Cup 1998.Photo: Jean-Paul Pelissier, REUTERS/SCANPIX

20 years after Norway beat Brazil in the World Cup final rounds in 1998, there will be a settlement between the teams at Ullevaal stadium.


On June the 23rd next year, the jubilee of one of Norway’s great sporting moments will be marked by players of the two teams who met in Marseilles again coming face-to-face at the capital stadium,according to a press release.

Aftenposten newspaper is behind the event, and has been working for four years to realise the dream grudge-match from fantasy football hell. The goal was to get the key players from the 1998 match on the pitch again.

The Brazilian football super-star, Ronaldo, who was voted the world’s best player several times, is ready and itching for the match. He meets a Norwegian team with Kjetil Rekdal as it captain.

The match will be played just a few days before the World Cup finals in Russia kick off.

The match will be broadcast on NRK, and in commentator box, Arne Scheie will be making a comeback.

Norway beat Brazil 2-1 in Marseille 20 years ago. Tore André Flo and Kjetil Rekdal scored for Norway.

There was mass frenzy, jubilation and delirious hysteria in the streets after the victory sent Norway to the knockout stages of the World Cup Finals in France. Their victory roll was sadly cut short after they were beaten by Italy just four days later.

©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today