Sold out for football trips

football tripsPhoto: Ving

The travel organiser, Ving, has sold football trips for ten years, but has never experienced a bigger increase in demand than the one they have had this season.

Not surprisingly, Liverpool has contributed to the biggest growth. Ving has collaborated with Liverpool FC and their supporters club in Norway over the past ten seasons, which has resulted in over 40,000 Norwegian football supporters having travelled to Anfield with Ving.

“But I can’t remember the last time we were sold out for all matches already by January. We do not have a single ticket left to Liverpool’’ said Ving’s manager responsible for football trips, Svein Erik Bjørheim.

Excitement creates travel enthusiasm. The Premier League is more exciting than in a long time, and that nothing is decided yet creates sales.

‘’We notice that many people want to see the latest and decisive battles for their teams. In addition, when Solskjær has blown extra life into Manchester United again, our sales to Old Trafford have also taken off. But there are still some vacancies” saidBjørheim.

He himself will be taking part in travelling to this year’s latest league match for Liverpool at Anfield in May.

2I almost dare not think about how Liverpool will play for the Premier League title when we have a full charter flight that weekend. It could simply be legendary” he concluded.

Source: Ving / Norway Today