Sundby gained took silver as Ustjugov secured the gold medal: – After an incredible bout

Martin JohnsrudFinland.Ski World Championships 2017 Lahti.Martin Johnsrud Sundby : Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Martin Johnsrud Sundby secured the silver medal in the men’s Skiathlon championships in the Finnish town of Lahti

. Russian Sergey Ustiuogov secured the gold after the Norwegian broke his pole on the last uphill climb.

Fellow Norwegian, Finn Haagen Krogh, sprinted into bronze position. Norway concluded the event with Sjur Røthe in fourth and Didrik Tønseth as the “looser” in sixth position.

– It was a crazy race but incredibly funny, Sundby related to NRK at the flower ceremony.

– I was quite shaken when I walked around there. Ustjugov was an exciting man to go along with, and he was brutally strong throughout, the athlete from Røa elaborated.

When ten kilometres remaining of Saturday’s race, Ustjugov and Sundby secured a gap of around four seconds to their pursuers.

The two shadowed each other closely all the way, but at the final uphill Sundby tried to shake the Russian off.

He made a fatal mistake and snapped his skiing pole, which enabled the Russian a leausiery solo raid to secure gold.

Sundby was at the end around7 seconds behind the Russian, while Krogh was at a safe distance of 32 seconds behind.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today