Survey: Few minority girls are taking part in sports activities in Oslo



Only one out of five minority girls participate in the Oslo sport clubs, a new study shows.
While only one out of five minority girls from 13 to 19 years in Oslo participate in organized sports, two out of five girls with Norwegian ethnic background do, a new study shows, the newspaper Aftenposten.

There are also fewer minority boys taking part in such activities than other boys, but the difference to the majority boys are not particularly large.

These figures are revealed in the survey Young in Oslo in 2015, where 24,000 students from secondary schools and videregående schools( similar to the sixth forms in comprehensive school or junior college) in Oslo have taken part – while the Welfare Research NOVA has surveyed and mapped the findings.

Organized sports has worked for many years to include minorities better, but in Oslo it has not succeeded.

-The gigures show a widening gap between minority girls and other young people. We have seen this over the past decade. It’s hard to overcome the mechanisms that come into play, Anders Bakken, a researcher at NOVA, says.

There are slightly fewer minority boys taking part in organized sport today than 20 years ago.

For minority girls, the percentage has remained at the same low level all the time.

The survey shows that 52 percent of the majority boys are taking part in the activities of a sports club a couple of times a month, while the figure for minority boys is 46 percent.

40 percent majority girls are doing the same, while the figure for minority girls is 20 percent.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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