The opening match for Carlsen in chess marathon

Magnus CarlsenLondon, England. Magnus Carlsen.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Magnus Carlsen was left with mixed feelings after the seven-hour World Championship opening game in London.The chess player held Fabiano Caruana to a draw.


The chess computer showed that Carlsen, playing with black pieces, was on his way to a clear victory,but he missed his 40th move.

It gave Caruana a life buoy and it was seized by the American World Championship challenger. Eventually,it ended with a draw after exactly seven hours played.

‘’There are mixed feelings.I think I showed today that I did not necessarily go for a draw, and obviously I’m not too excited about how the game evolved. In any case, things look a bit better today than yesterday’’ Carlsen answered to questions from NTB news during the press conference yesterday night.

‘’I could get even more out of it. So, yes, there are mixed feelings’’ he continued.

On Saturday, it will continue with a second game in London.Then Carlsen will play with white pieces.

First to reach 6.5 points is world champion. If the chess World Championship is played to the full 12 games, it will not be over before November the 28th.

Magnus Carlsen has been world champion for the past five years. In 2013 and 2014, he beat Visjy Anand, while winning against Sergei Karjakin in 2016.


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