Thingnes Bø takes silver at the World Cup biathlon

Hochfilzen, Austria The Biathlon World Championships 2017Hochfilzen, Austria The Biathlon World Championships 2017.Johannes Thingnes Bø(L),Benedikt Doll (Germany). Martin Fourcade (R) Poto: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Johannes Thingnes Bø won silver at the World Cup in biathlon in Hochfilzen. Thingnes Bø was able to shoot flawless and had good speed, but in the end lost the gold to German Benedikt Doll.

Both Thingnes Bø and Doll had a good competition, Thingnes Bø led with 9.3 seconds, but his head start was cut to 3.8 seconds after 8.9 kilometers. Eventually, Doll was 0.7 seconds faster. Habitual Martin Fourcade took the bronze, 23.1 seconds behind Doll. The Frenchman suffered a penalty loop for each shooting.

The veteran Ole Einar Bjørndalen became the second best Norwegian with an eighth place, 38.4 seconds behind the winner. It was a hard day in Hochfilzen for the remaining Norwegians. Tarjei Bo was number 14, while Emil Hegle Svendsen was number 36. An almost eliminated Svendsen had to have medical attention at the finish line after the race.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today