Trump has made Stöckl sceptical of the truth

Alexander StöcklAlexander Stöckl.Photo : Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian ski jumpers try to distance themselves from nuclear war fears, and Olympic threats.


‘I’ve stopped reading the headlines on Twitter and elsewhere,’ said National Team Manager, Alexander Stöckl, to NTB news agency.

‘Do you feel like it’s fake news?’

‘It’s impossible to say, but there is some fake news out there,’ said the ski jump coach.
Fears that North Korea will start a nuclear war against neighbouring South Korea and the United States is still dominating the news.

Things don’t add up

Both North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, and US President, Donald Trump, have sharpened their rhetoric toward the enemy.

‘Do you feel that someone will use the Olympic Games as a platform?

‘It may happen. I do not know Kim Jong-un. I don’t know why he says what he says. The same applies to Trump’, said Stöckl.

He has become extra sceptical when he follows news stories on Twitter and elsewhere.

‘I trust little on Twitter headlines. I’ve become unsure if things are correct. It’s too easy to write anything.

The President of the United States has said things that don’t match, for example. No one does anything about it. And if he can do that, really, everyone can do it,’ said Stöckl.

Set to go to the Olympics

‘How do you experience the headlines about the fear of nuclear war?’

‘It’s incredibly hard to say how close we are to nuclear war, I think. I have not thought much about it. We will work our way through the season, and then we’ll see if we can start in the Olympic Games or not,’ said the ski jump coach.

He is keen to bring the Norwegian team to the winter games in South Korea in February.

The Olympic team bosses will make a safety assessment, and it’s an assessment taken at a completely different level than that in our own hopes. If they think we shouldn’t go, we’ll deal with it. But we are prepared to go to the Olympics, so the final result of the assessment doesn’t matter’, said Stöckl.

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