4 sheep took Facebook by storm this summer

4 sheep took Facebook by storm this summer4 sheep took Facebook by storm this summer.Photo visitnorway.com

This summer four sheep are roaming Norway, from the iconic Pulpit Rock in the west to the idyllic Lofoten Islands in the north.

As part of a Visit Norway social media campaign they are showcasing Norwegian life and nature through their own cameras and a joint Instagram account, and two weeks into the campaign a whopping 3,1 million have been reached in the UK alone.

Sheep live in most parts of the world, but few places do they have access to such a variety of scenery and landscapes as in Norway. Every year two million sheep are released into the forests and mountains in Norway without any supervision. This summer, four sheep in different parts of Norway are ready to take you on a tour of their everyday lives through their own cameras and a join Instagram account, whether they are roaming the spectacular fjords, the beautiful beaches, or the high mountains.

The sheep are part of a Visit Norway social media campaign, with the purpose to showcase the depth of Norway as a travel destination: the lifestyle, the culture, the food and, of course, the landscape. The campaign kicked off in the UK on 4 July, and so far the sheep have reached 3,1 million on Facebook, with other tourist boards having tagged on to the campaign using the hash tag #sheepwithaview.
Meet our woolly wanderers

Central to the campaign is the notion that Norwegian sheep are as opinionated as Norwegians themselves, and as different too, with distinct regional characteristics. Each sheep has an individual personality with a unique outlook on life.

Erik from Southern Norway Erik is a laid back sheep who truly enjoys the southern Norwegian vibe. His favorite pastime is to hang out on beaches and makes friends with other animals at the Kristiansand zoo.

Frida from Fjord Norway Frida is an active explorer, who wants to reach as many majestic mountain tops as possible. She loves a good selfie and is a sworn metal fan.

Lars from Trøndelag Lars is a traditional sheep who is most comfortable when things stay as they used to be. You can tell he’s a foodie, that’s why he pastures on the Golden Road.

Kari from Northern Norway Kari is an active and sporty sheep who just can’t sit still. She loves a good surf.

Follow the sheep here: www.visitnorway.com/sheepwithaview

and Instagram.com/sheepwithaview

Source: visitnorway.com / Norway Today