724 millions worth of holiday’s will be booked over the next few weeks

HolidayHoliday.Photo: Ving

When Christmas foods are all eaten, and the presents have been opened, we start planning for next year’s summer vacation.

Over the next five weeks, Norwegians will book package tours to the tune of arpproximately 724 million, according to the calculations of the largest holiday organiser, Ving.

‘Christmas is high season for vacation planning; both family vacations and trips with friends, that’s when we have time to plan our next holiday.

Numbers from Google show that travel queries started already at 21.00 on Christmas Eve’, said communications director, Tonje Fossum Loka, of Ving.

Estimates from Ving show that during the next five weeks, we will order 87,500 package holidays, with a total value of 724 million. This equates to 2500 trips sold per day, 104 trips per hour, or 1.7 trips per minute’, smiled Fossum.

Mallorca is Number 1

It is primarily the Mediterranean that Norwegians head for in the summer, and it’s Mallorca that is, once again, this summer’s big holiday favourite with Ving.

To date, nearly 20% of trips sold are to to the popular holiday island.

It’s not only Norwegians who love Mallorca.

The island is experiencing high demand from worldwide. This means that if you will choose from the top shelf holidays, actually time is starting to get short. The best, and the most attractive departures are always sold out early, said Fossum.

She added that the company has seen a big increase in demand from families with children in recent weeks, and that they’re searching for holidays’ earlier than in recent years.

‘It is especially families wanting a room with pool access, or large apartments for families with many age groups. Estimates from Ving suggests that more than 660,000 Norwegians will travel on a package tour during the summer season.

The top five in Ving (mostly sold out as of now) are 1) Mallorca, 2) Crete, 3) Gran Canaria, 4) Rhodes, and 5) Cyprus.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today