A rat took the rat on an Indian aircraft

greener aviationAirplane, photo: Norway Today media
The crew took no chances when it was discovered a rat on a plane on the way from Mumbai to London.
The passengers’ safety first, was the mantra. The plane returned to India after three hours, but no rat was found.
The pilot decided to return to Mumbai after three hours in the air because the passenger safety comes first, according to a statement from the state airline Air India.
A spokesperson for the company stated that there were over 200 passengers on board. They were relocated to another aircraft that was clear at the airport in Mumbai.
The plane in which the rat was observed, was in accordance with company procedures disinfected, but without the discovery of any rat.
It is not the first time that Air India aircraft have been grounded as a result of rats on board. In July, this year had a plane on the way to Milan return to New Delhi after a rat was observed on the plane.
Rats on board an aircraft is certainly something to take seriously – they can chew through wires and cables and cause damage to the airplane systems.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today