A red panda named Zaya was born at the Kristiansand Zoo

Red panda DyreparkenOn Wednesday, July 21, Dyreparken performed the first health check on the red panda cub born earlier this summer. Photo: Dyreparken / NTB

Zaya is a healthy and happy little panda cub.

On July 21, the Kristiansand Zoo conducted the baby red panda’s first health check. She’s a female and was born earlier this summer.

“We performed a quick health check to see that everything was as it should be, as well as to make a marking with a microchip and clarification of gender,” said veterinarian Rolf-Arne Ølberg in a press release.

The animal keepers have given her the name Zaya. “The name is Nepalese and means ‘the girl who wins,'” explained zookeeper Maria Tårnesvik.

Weighs 600 grams

Zaya is healthy, fast, and weighs around 600 grams. Her mother Luna is taking excellent care of her, per the Zoo.

Tårnesvik described the health check experience, from a zookeeper’s viewpoint:

“I was a bit put out in a positive sense. It is a completely unique experience to be a part of. Such a small panda, so close. Ultimately, it’s a reward for hard work with animal facilitation over a long period of time.”

An endangered species

“It is also unique in that Zaya plays an important role in the conservation of the world’s red panda population. The species is unfortunately endangered,” Tårnesvik said.

According to the Kristiansand Zoo, when Zaya grows up, she will likely be moved on to another zoo that is part of the conservation program for the red panda.

Red pandas are native to the mountainous areas of Nepal, India, China, and Myanmar. This is an elevated-habitat species that lives between 2,500 and 4,000 meters above sea level.

Seeing Kaya, Luna, and the other animals

For the time being, the mother and child are mostly keeping to themselves. Their current indoor home is not accessible to the public, so that the red panda pair can have their needed peace. However, a camera has been set up inside and guests can see them on a screen.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, also known as Dyreparken, is unique in that animals have large areas of terrain to roam. The park also has plenty of offers for its human visitors, including a water park, onsite accommodation, and entertainment programs. You’ll find the park about 11 kilometers east of Kristiansand’s center.

Source: ©️ NTB Scanpix / #NorwayTodayTravel

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