Airline passenger fee may increase

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

The disputed air passenger fee will be re-assessed by the Ministry of Finance. The result could be a solid increase, reports NRK.


The fee was NOK 80 at introduction in June 2016, but has now risen to 83 kroner. In the government budget for 2018, Parliamentary government asked for a review of today’s airline fee so that it can receive an environmental profile, such as the length of flight. Now the case is up for evaluation.

“We want a fee that varies according to the length of the flight and has a clearer climate effect,” said Trine Skei Grande, the left-wing leader, to NRK last year.

“The Ministry of Finance is looking for solutions in line with what Germany and Sweden have in line,” said Deputy Minister Jon Georg Dale (Frp) during the parliamentary Q&A last week.

In Germany, the fee is 72 kroner for the short hauls and up to 340 kroner at the longest flights. In Sweden, the fee is 80 kroner for travel within Europe, 280 kroner outside Europe and up to 600 miles and 460 kroner for the longest of airline journeys.

Espen Andersen, Associate Professor at BI and expert in the airline industry, also believes the fee will increase.

– “The original fee was a tax fee that did not affect air traffic. My prediction is that they will continue with it and that it also follows what is being done in other countries, it’s not a distortion of competition,” he told NRK.


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