Airline ticket sales are increasing

Aeroplain in the sunsetTravel to Tromsø by Plain, Bus or Boat

Airline ticket sales and car hire have increased by 20 percent over the past week, according to a list of agencies affiliated with the search engine Finn Reise.

Travel in Norway alone accounts for this increase, reports Flysmart24.

The independent search engine Finn Travel arranges travel from all the major players on airline tickets, hotels, car hire and travel packages. Air-ticket sales have almost disappeared with air travel coming to a halt after the lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

“What we are seeing now is a whole new trend, and the first sign of increased travel activity since the country closed down on March 12. The good news is that traffic is starting to increase, along with bookings. This is probably reflected by the fact that society is gradually opening up,” said commercial director Terje Berge in Finn Finn Travel to Flysmart24.

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