Almost nine out of ten are planning a Norwegian holiday this year

UNESCOThe UNESCO Bryggen wharf Bergen.Photo by Rita de Lange,Fjord Travel Norway

86 per cent of those polled in a survey say they assume that this year’s holiday will be in Norway.

Only 3 per cent say they have no plans for a Norwegian holiday, while 10 per cent say they do not know where to go on vacation, according to the Norwegian Koronamonitor survey by Opinion.

“It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or poor – this year, most Norwegians are counting on staying in Norway for their summer vacation,” says senior adviser Ola Gaute Aas Askheim at Opinion.

Whether you are single, in a couple or a family, your summer vacation plans are pretty much the same. The same applies if you live in Northern Norway or in the capital – the conclusion is that almost nine out of ten assume that it will be a Norwegian vacation.

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