An increasing number of Norwegians are dropping their summer holidays

Boats in the Oslo Fjord.Boats in the Oslo Fjord.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Four out of ten Norwegians have dropped or postponed their summer holidays this year as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is far more than at the end of May.

As many as 41 percent of the 5,700 surveyed say they will completely or partially drop or delay their summer holidays this year because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Opinion survey shows. 40 percent say no, while 19 percent respond as, do not know / are not relevant.

At the end of May 26 percent answered: yes, 54 percent: no, and 20 percent: do not know, to the same question.

Senior adviser Nora Clausen in Opinion points out that there are now more people who are dropping or postponing, than are going to take a normal summer vacation.

– “Many people have probably had too little time planning this year’s summer vacation while awaiting guidelines. Although there are many holiday opportunities in Norway, there are still rules for distancing, infection control measures, and restrictions on what one can do, and all this probably plays a role,” says Clausen.

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