An island in Norway: The world’s first “time-free” zone?

SommarøyPhoto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Sommarøy is a small – but innovative – island in Northern Norway.

You might have heard the stories about a Norwegian island that wants to abolish time.

Time-free tourism

The island of Sommarøy launched a campaign to abolish time.

The efforts were led by state-funded tourism agencies Visit Norway and Innovation Norway with the goal of putting stunning Sommarøy on the global tourist map.

“We do what we want when we want”

The campaign video, which you can watch here, features a voiceover from local Kjell Ove Hveding:

“Welcome to Sommarøy, a small island in west Tromsø.

Like most of northern Norway, our beautiful island plays host to the midnight sun. Every summer! From May 18 to July 26.

We who live here enjoy our lives without the time-zone.

We do what we want when we want.

If you want to paint your house at 2AM, it’s okay.

If we want to cut the grass at ‘midnight’ we will.

If we want to take a swim at 4AM we will.

For these 70 days time simply is no object to us.

That’s why we want to be officially recognized as the world’s first time-free zone.”

Then Hveding, surrounded by a group of excited locals, ceremoniously smashes a clock over his knee.

The midnight sun phenomenon

The campaign was, of course, less about actually becoming the world’s first time-free zone – and more about drawing tourists in to experience the majestic midnight sun phenomenon for themselves.

Is your interest piqued?

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  1. I wonder if I can buy a beer on sunday

  2. Sommaroy, world’s first time free zone. Yes

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