Avinor asks summer air travellers to calculate enough time

Oslo AirportOslo Airport.Photo: Avinor

Already this weekend, the summer holidays start seriously from Oslo Airport. At the same time, one of the runways is closed. Avinor asked travellers to calculate extra good time for their journeys.

Just over 5.5 million people will travel to and from Oslo Airport in June and July. Friday June 7th and Friday June 14th are the two biggest travel days of summer.

‘’The big summer holiday starts earlier than people expect and already on Friday 7th June we will get the busiest day so far in 2019. Therefore, we recommend people to calculate some extra time so that one avoids stress and can start the holiday at the airport’’ said communications manager, Joachim Westher Andersen, at Oslo Airport.

Throughout June and early July, high passenger numbers are expected, but the airport is well prepared for the influx of holiday-ready Norwegians.

If you are travelling to or coming from countries outside the Schengen area, you must go through the border control and thus have a passport with you. On large departure days there may be some queueing.

‘’The police’s border control is staffed on the basis of expected traffic figures, but there may be some queues on major departure days. Therefore, we recommend people to calculate a little extra time for travel’’ said Andersen.

Fly through the night

Starting June 22 through August 9, Flytoget has set up eight extra departures – and therefore, in practice, runs all night.

‘’We know that many of our customers fly at slightly different times now in the summer, and that many people had wanted more departures at night. It is therefore very good that we get to offer that this year and we hope and believe that the offer will be well received” said Philipp Engedal, CEO of Flytoget.

Usually, the last departure with Flytoget from Oslo Airport runs at 50 minutes past midnight and the first at 05.30, but this summer the following departures are set up from the airport: 01.10, 01.30, 02.10, 02.40 (Bus from Oslo S to all other stations besides the National Theatre), 04.50 and 05.10 (Flight Express train – Flytog – to all stations).

Usually the first Flytog from Oslo S goes to Oslo Airport 04.40, but this summer there will also be departures at 04.00 and 04.20.

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