Avinor requires thousands in parking fees from employees at airports

Oslo AirportOslo Airport.Photo. Norway Today Media

Avinor will require more than 10,000 kroner a year in order to allow employees to park at Oslo Airport.Parat’s deputy leader, Vegard Einan,said this is critical for many low-paid employees in small part-time positions,on temporary contracts with unpredictable working hours.


Einan said there are a lot of employees in catering, services and guard services who work at times of the day without a public transport offer who therefore depend on their own car.

“Many of the thousands of employees who work at all times have no option but to drive a car. For young people and low-paid employees there is an additional cost per person per month of over NOK 1000 in costs that are difficult to live with’’ he said.

Avinor is a money making enterprise for the state and, according to Einan,has for many years pressed the civilian part of Norwegian aviation for ever greater contributions.

‘’The competition between Oslo airports is hard and many of the cost cuts have consisted of wage cuts, salary freezes and significant reductions in pension plans.

The fierce competition has also led to increased use of small part-time positions, temporary contracts and even more unpredictable working hours” said Einan.

Parat’s deputy leader, Dag Falk-Petersen, who organises a large number of employees at Oslo Airport, is worried.

‘’We see that increased costs for getting to work combined with low wages and part-time positions lead to serious consequences for the individual and all families, especially when several in the same family have the airport as a workplace” said Einan.

He asked Avinor not to treat employees as a potential source of income for themselves and parking operators.

“It’s not a human right to be able to drive your own car to work, but it must be possible to get to the workplace to carry out duties” said Einan.

Parat sent a letter to Avinor on Tuesday, with a copy to the Minister for Transport, Jon Georg Dale, asking the state-owned company to assess how to cut costs for employees at all Avinor airports in Norway.


Source: Parat / Norway Today