Gran Canaria is a Christmas favorite

SpainSpain.Photo: Lise Åserud / SCANPIX (FRB)

Canary Islands and Gran Canaria in Particular are Christmas favorites

Four out of ten Norwegians are going on Christmas holidays this year. For most people go home to celebrate with family and friends, but many are also tempted by the sun and warmth on Gran Canaria or the other Canary Islands .


Figures from Virke Reise show that 40 percent of Norwegians will have a Christmas holiday this year.

By comparison, 35 percent responded the same last year.

Of those who are going to have a vacation, 62 percent say that they will spend their vacation home. According to Virke, those respondents who want to travel abroad during the Christmas holidays is 16 percent. This is a slight increase from last year.

“When we see that Christmas Eve is during the work week its perceived as favorable, and many choose to take advantage of the situation to go for a trip to, for example, warmer places during the Christmas holidays,” says Sverre McSeveny-Åril, Director of Virke Reise Utland (Travel Abroad).

McSeveny-Åril says that the Canary Islands and particularly Gran Canaria are the definite Christmas favorite among Norwegians seeking sun and warmth, but Thailand is also one of the most visited destinations.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today