Charter companies have cancelled all trips abroad until August 20

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Ving, Apollo and TUI have decided to cancel all travel through to August 20.

The travel companies Ving, Apollo and TUI report that due to the uncertainty surrounding new travel advice to the Nordic and European countries, they have decided that they will cancel all trips, although it can be opened for journeys out of Norway before 20 August.

“In this way, our customers will have the opportunity to plan other holiday trips this summer, whilst at Ving we can make plans for new, wonderful trips for the autumn and winter,” Ving writes on their website.

Director Astrid Bergmål in Virke Reiseliv thinks it is unfortunate that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Travel Council provides too little predictability for Norwegian travel companies.

– The Travel Council leaves us with so much unpredictability that many now consider that it has become impossible for them to do anything other than cease everything. We think this is an incredible shame, because international tourism needs to get started, ”says Bergmål to E24.

On Friday, May 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) updated their travel advice, advising against all travel that is not strictly necessary for all countries. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that a new assessment would be made by the Travel councils in the Nordic countries by June 15, and July 20 for nearby European countries.

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