The most daunting cliffs in the world

Troll's Tongue cliff cliffsThe view of Trolltunga and Ringedalsvatnet with glimpses of the Folgefonna glacier in the background. Photo: / CC 3.0 by kallerna

The most spectacular cliffs in the world – all in Norway!

There are daunting cliffs all around the world. But these 3 are different from all the others. These rock formations stand apart, not least, due to their beautiful vistas. All of them are, therefore, major tourist attractions in Norway. Stay with me to get better acquainted with these breathtaking marvels of nature.

Along the rocky shores of Norway, there are 3 very unique shapes that attract thousands of adventure tourists from around the world every year. Two of which, a stone’s throw away from eachother. Apart from the fear that these sheer rock walls entice, you will be confronted with their spectacular vistas.

The Kjerag Bolt

 One of the most famous is the Kjerag bolt (Kjeragbolten). The bolt is wedged into the steep cliff face at the edge of Kjerag Mountain, two meters above ground. It really takes courage to stand on this rock, as the Kjerag bolt is situated 500 meters above the sea level of the Lysefjorden. Mount Kjerag is popular among climbers and cliff jumpers alike. Many spectacular photos are snapped of people’s antics on this natural bolt.

The Troll’s Tongue

The Troll’s Tongue (Trolltunga) is a piece of rock that juts horizontally out of the mountain just like a tongue out of a mouth! Trolltunga in Norwegian is literarily “the Troll’s Tongue”. there are 2 ways to traverse the mountain to reach this 4 meter wide marvel, you can either use the stairs or follow the path and from there you will have to walk through paths that mark to the top of this cliff. Until recently, an electric car was used to carry passengers up to a height of 2 meters, which is no longer in use.



The Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen, better known as the Pulpit Rock in English, is a massive piece of rock jutting out high above the waters of the Lysefjorden, just opposite the Kjerag Mountains. At the top of this cliff, it is 25 by 25 meters with a virtually horizontal surface. It is a very popular tourist attraction in Norway. Getting to the top of the cliff takes about 5-6 hours and in some places has a relatively steep slope. You must wear the right kind of clothes and shoes for this.

These three cliffs are tourist destination to many adventurers from all over the world, not by any means restricted to crazy Norwegians! A hike involving these cliffs require experience. In addition, you should not suffer from vertigo. If you fulfill these requirements, be sure to take the time to tick these thrilling tourist attractions off from your bucket list when holidaying in Norway!




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