Did not get enough sun this summer

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This year’s unstable summer weather gives a clear impact on the sales statistics of trips to the South. Norway’s largest tour operator reports an increase in sales of both autumn and winter travel.

“The fine summer we had last year put a damper on the desire for sun and heat, but this year we see an opposite effect. After a very variable summer, we are now seeing a solid increase in sales,” says Ving’s Information Manager, Siri Røhr-Staff.

According to Røhr-Staff, it is both trips at the end of summer, and not least, trips in the winter, which have been selling.

“In recent weeks we have seen an increase of more than 20 percent compared to last year, so it is clear that we Norwegians have not received enough sun and heat this summer. Almost all destinations are up, and we are also maintaining a higher pace than last year,” says the information manager.

The travel industry had it tough early this summer with a lower than usual occupancy. The blame was laid on last year’s record-breaking summer and as a result many had planned to vacation at home in Norway this year. But when the hot summer failed, the orders began to tick in as well.

Much was already sold out, but many contacted us during July and said they were willing to travel anywhere as long as they got some sun. With that in mind, it will not surprise me if people this year are going to book next year’s summer trips earlier than usual, concludes Ving’s information manager.

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