DNT asking people to remember the mountain code in summer

VenabuVenabu.Photo: Norway Today Media

With increased tourism and an increase in the number of rescue operations the Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) encourages everyone to use the mountain code also in summer.

– It is nice that more and more use the nature, and not least that many who do not have as much tour experience now are active outdoors in various ways. However, it is worth recalling that everyone is responsible for their own security, and we encourage everyone to use the mountain code actively, says Nils Øveraas, Secretary General of DNT.

It was at Easter this year that DNT and Red Cross revised the famous mountain code. While many probably associate the rules with winter, these are equally important in the summer, believes DNT. They say that the rescue crews are reporting increasingly more to do in the mountains in summer.

– Conditions in summer mountains can change quickly and be demanding. It is important that everyone is honest with themselves and looks in depth what trip they are going out on. We begrudge everyone good nature experiences, and if you use the mountain code as a guideline you will be able to get both a good and safe trip, says Øveraas.

This site has the Norwegian Mountain Code under “safety in the mountains” and other useful information:


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today