Dreamliner becomes Norwegian’s “crisis plane” in Europe

The Airline NorwegianIllustrasjon.The airline Norwegian.Photo. Norway Today Media

Norwegian instates its large Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft to replace the Max 8 aircraft on high-frequency routes in Europe.

This reports flysmart24.no.

Norwegian was earlier this month forced to ground their 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft , after 157 people lost their lives when an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft of the same model crashed shortly after its departure in Ethiopia.

In a stock exchange announcement on Monday, the company stated that they would install their large Dreamliner aircraft “on high-frequency routes” within Europe, to get the passengers to where they are meant to while the Max 8 aircrafts are stranded.

“Yes, the Dreamliner has already flown to Malaga and Las Palmas from Oslo and it will do so in the future,” said Communications Director Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen in Norwegian to Flysmart 24.

Also some big cities get the Dreamliner, such as Wednesday’s departure from Oslo to Paris. Sandaker-Nielsen states that no limit has been set for how long the Dreamliner will operate on the southern routes.

It will operate as long as it is needed, he says.

The Dreamliner aircrafts are significantly larger than the 737 aircraft and, with their two aisles and nine seats in width, can accommodate up to 344 passengers. They usually operate only on the intercontinental and overseas routes to America and Asia.

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