Eating outdoors in Stavanger and Sandnes

Villa 22 and Hansenhjørnet, Vaagen StavangerVilla 22 and dutch sailboat, Vaagen in Stavanger. Photo Norway Today Media

14 eateries in Stavanger and Sandnes with good food and nice outdoor seating

Dream scenario: Stavanger or Sandnes, Friday, 23 degrees, blue sky and brilliant sun. The perfect day for a nice lunch or dinner. A cold glass together with good companions, consumed under the open sky.


While the weather part might not be in place right now, the possibilities are very much available when the sun finally decides to peek out from behind the clouds.

Both Stavanger and Sandnes have many nice places to eat good food outdoors. have tried to collect some of the best the two cities have to offer! For more pictures visit


All (the brownish) places along Vågen (the Harbour) will most likely be packed on the best sunshine days in Stavanger.

Then the ‘Siddis’ and ‘Gauker’ will drink beer outdoors, a fact, no lie – sacred stuff. 

To Villa 22, for example – they have nice outdoor seating and very good Italian food on the menu.

 Villa 22

What: Italian trattoria.

Where: Skagen 22, Stavanger.

Classic Italian cuisine. Bravissimo!

Several places serve something edible with the liquid gold, but sometimes it’s a good idea to move just a little further away from the busiest cluster – and still get the sun baking the face!

Renaa Xpress

What: Italian / pizzeria.

Where: Sølvberggata 2, Stavanger.

You must not go to Vågen to get the sun on your body – it will be quite a nice temperature further up the hill, as well.

Renaa Xpress on Sølvberget has rigged up a tables and chairs right in the heart of the town centre.

And they serve fantastic pizza.

Ostehuset East

What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Ryfylkegata 30, Stavanger.

In addition to a terrace with very good sun conditions, Ostehuset East is also fortunate enough to have the Lervigtunet park right on their doorstep. Yes, a park!

If all the chairs on the terrace are busy, you can only ask for the food “to go” and take a seat on the green and whimsical lawn – or on one of the benches. Lovely!


What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Niels Juelsgate 50, Stavanger.

Matmagasinet (Food Store) has recently moved into the old Cannery Row (Hermetikken) , and they have,fortunately, been so sensible that they have created a large outdoors serving space!

The conditions are quite idyllic as the restaurant is side by side with a laaarge green lawn – remember allergy tablets if you suffer from pollen allergy.

Mexico Bar & Restaurant

What: Mexican restaurant.

Where: Skagenkaien 12, Stavanger.

Mexico is located in the middle of the heart of Vågen, but in addition to beer and good drinks, serve pretty damn good Mexican food!

Lots of seating outside in the open, so here you can find yourself a nice place out of the wind place – if you are lucky.

Café Sting

What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Valberget 3, Stavanger.

On beautiful sunny days in Stavanger, the trip should be mandatory visiting the Valbergtårnet (City Tower) and the neighbouring Café Sting – they sport both outdoor seating down at the entrance and their own roof terrace!

Better sun conditions are almost not found accompanying the food (which is also good).


What: «Rough fine dining».

Where: Nedre Strandgate 23–25, Stavanger.

Also Tango has splashed out with a dream of a roof terrace, overlooking the entire harbour. Here you can really sit and enjoy life, just so you know it.

And it’s no well kept secret that the food at Tango is excellent, for those who are not afraid to splash out some monetas.

Fish & Cow

What: Fish &  Meat.

Where: Skagen 3, Stavanger.

This must be the place for those who like to enjoy food made from fish and cow outside. If not, you must virtually go camping and hunt for the food yourself.


Skagen Restaurant

What: Norwegian cuisine.

Where: Skagenkaien 13, Stavanger.

It is not long ago that Sjøhuset Skagen (Seahouse) took a long refurbishment break, and re-emerged as Skagen Restaurant in February of this year.’s food reviewer was at least so excited about the food in the revamped Skagen restaurant, awarding them 5 out of 6 stars earlier this spring. Norway Today has sampled their Fish & Chips and have to say that the Brits must visit Skagen to relearn how to make it!

Ample space to sit outside in the sun, they have as well, go go Gadget!

Fisketorget. Combined Restaurant and fish market in Stavanger.

Fisketorget. Combined Restaurant and fish market in Stavanger. Photo: Norway Today Media


Mondo Restaurant & Bar

What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Rådhusgata 3, Sandnes.

Mondo has not been open longer than since June 2016, but has already managed to become a dear favourite among’s hungry reviewers.

Very good food that can be enjoyed outside at a very adequate outdoor area.

Charles & De

What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Langgaten 41, Sandnes.

A well-known Sandnes classic which has been in business since 2005.

Attracts probably the most people because of the good food, but the sun conditions are not so bad either.


What: Brazilian.

Where: Mauritz Kartevoldeplass 1, Sandnes.

Fogo opened its doors exactly two years ago (July 2015) and offers a Brazilian and slightly different atmosphere in the center of Sandnes.

The restaurant got 4 out of 6 stars by Aftenbladet’s reviewer last autumn. And you’ll be totally guaranteed sated – wear loose pants and sun block if you’re going to sit outside.

Sandnes Brygge

What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Havnegaten 15, Sandnes.

Just a few minutes walk from the city centre you will find the pearl Sandnes Brygge. Good food and very nice outdoor seating in the harbour right next to the quay side. Mmmmm!

PåSiå Lunsj & Bar

What: Multi-cuisine.

Where: Vågsgata 3, Sandnes.

Here you can enjoy a steak salad, sandwiches, homemade game burgers and nachos in the middle of the baking sun. Niice!


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