More emergency situations on airplanes

Airplane flight safety,flightPassenger jet plane. Photo: Pixabay

Increasing amount of airline passengers mean that there are also increasing amount of medical emergencies on board the aircrafts.


The most common reason why people need emergency medical assistance on flight is that they lose consciousness – which is true in 37 percent of cases, according to an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal magazine. The doctors behind the article refer to a major North American survey.

The following categories in the list are breathing problems (12 percent), nausea (10 percent), heart problems (8 percent) and seizures (6 percent).

In addition to the increasing number of people traveling by air, there are also more elderly and people with poor health travelling via air.

Lack of comparable numbers makes it difficult to get a complete overview of how often doctors have to walk among the clouds. Estimates of how frequent they may assist vary between one case per 62,500 travelers and one case per 7,700 travelers. Seventy percent of emergencies occur on intercontinental flights.


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