Fagernes airport Leirin may close on 1st July

Leirin airportFagernes, Nord-Aurdal,Leirin airport.Photo: NTB arkivfoto: Terje Bendiksby, Scanpix

The airport of Valdres may close on 1st July. Avinor has not received local operators to take over the operation of the airport.


– If no agreement is reached with local managers regarding the acquisition of Fagernes airport during the next few weeks, operations will be discontinued already on July 1, Avinor announces.

The government said in the autumn of 2015 that Avinor will operate the Fagernes airport as a clean charter airport until January 1, 2019. Then the plan was that the operation would be taken over by local forces.

“Avinor has been in dialogue with local management, but there have been no clarifications, nor an established company we can send bills for the operation to. Avinor therefore plans to discontinue operations from July 1 this year,” says Communications Manager at Avinor, Gurli Høeg Ulverud.

Fagernes Airport Leirin in Nord-Aurdal Municipality in Valdres was opened by Crown Prince Harald in 1987. The airport had two daily departures on weekdays until the spring of 2016.

The airport is 822 meters above sea level being North Europe’s highest-lying airport.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today