Fewer Norwegians travelling abroad this summer

Aurora Borealis over Lofoten, Photo: Pixabay.com

Many Norwegians seem to be choosing summer holidays in their home country rather than foreign trips this year according to a recent survey.

75% are planning summer holidays this year, and of these, 53% will be abroad. This is a decrease of 5% from last year, when 58% stated that they were going on a holiday abroad a survey from Virke has shown.

‘’It seems that people are investing in a rerun of last year’s super summer’’ said Astrid Bergmål, head of Virke Reiseliv.

Of those going abroad this summer, Denmark is a clear favourite destination, followed by Spain, and Sweden. Greece and Italy share fourth place.

In the autumn holiday, 57% will travel abroad compared with 54% last year. Spain is definitely the most popular destination for the autumn

Among charter favourites, the survey shows that interest in Turkey is increasing after a few years with fewer visits from Norwegian holiday tourists.

According to Bergmål, many will choose to divide the summer holidays into two and take one part in Norway and one part abroad.

“If the sea and swimming temperatures are not up tp scratch at home here, we see from history that more people will be plunging into a warmer neighbourhood even though this was not the plan” she said in a press release.

32% said that environmental considerations to a large extent are the determining factor for their choice of destination and product.

By comparison, 33% responded the same to similar issues last December.

The holiday budget is going down and is on average NOK 36,450 for the year. Last year this was NOK 40,650.

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