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Brenneshovudet on the Helgelandskysten.Brenneshovudet on the Helgelandskysten.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Tempted to go on a mountain hike this summer ? A new overview shows the highest mountain peaks in all municipalities and counties and it provides good tips for unexplored hiking.

It will be a Norwegian holiday for most people this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But it provides the opportunity to discover hidden treasures in the immediate area, said General Secretary Lasse Heimdal of the Norwegian Outdoor Life Organization.

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do now: use the local and nearby outdoor life. Maybe the Coronavirus can help us become more well-known and find tourist destinations that we can enjoy for many years to come,“ Heimdal told NTB.

Classics out of the list
The list of the highest peaks in each county and in each municipality has been shorter after the introduction of the municipal and regional reform, which reshaped the country into eight counties and 72 municipalities. Classics such as Hardangerjøkulen and Rondslottet are not on the list, according to the magazine Villspor, which has made an overview of the peaks missing from the list.

When Akershus was merged with Buskerud and Østfold, for example, Hurdal municipality lost the status of home to the county’s highest peak – Fjellsjøkampen 812 metres. Now it is the Folarskardnuten in Hol municipality that ranks highest in Viken county with 1,993 meters above sea level.

“We regard this as competitive and we must strive to make the beautiful nature area on and around the Fjellsjøkampen more familiar. Large areas with protected landscapes and great views available throughout the year should be of interest to anyone visiting us in Hurdal,” Mayor Paul Johan Moltzau told the magazine earlier this year.

Municipalities make their own tips lists
Heimdal in Norwegian Outdoor Life is a good idea to give people an updated overview of the highlights of municipalities and counties. Many municipalities have already made their own overviews and tips for local top trips.

“Absolutely all municipalities in Norway have treasures of nature experiences. That’s what is so great about Norway, we have such an incredibly varied nature, ” said Heimdal.

There is no need to search for the most popular hiking destinations and the country’s highest peaks. There are several benefits to finding alternatives, he said. One does not have to queue and hustle and the hiking destination can be easily reached.

“Often these are places that are just minutes away from home. In many places you don’t even need a car,” he said.

A number of apps have been created that can give you ideas for trips and outdoor activities. Naf’s veibok, which is available online for subscribers, is also a good source of information, added Heimdal.

“It writes about great hiking destinations in almost all municipalities and has an overview of the best vantage points in Norway,” he said.

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