Four out of ten Norwegians are planning a holiday abroad, new survey shows

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A total of 43% of Norwegians are planning a holiday trip abroad this year, according to a new survey from Tryg Forsikring.

“We noticed that there is an increasing desire to travel among Norwegians. This survey confirms that,” communications consultant Torbjørn Brandeggen at Tryg Forsikring noted.

According to the survey conducted by YouGov this Christmas, 49% of men in Norway are planning holidays abroad. 

Geographically, the proportion is highest in Oslo, where 58% plan holidays abroad. It’s the lowest in Trøndelag and Northern Norway, with 37%.

Brandeggen believes the travel optimism is due to the fact that corona vaccines are in place and that they will be more accessible in the future.

Avoid trips to “red” countries

Still, he discourages people from paying for holiday trips to “red” countries, in the hope that they will turn “green.”

“As of today, all countries in Europe are ‘red,’ and if you book a trip to a country while it is ‘red,’ you waive all cancellation coverage regardless of when you travel,” he warned.

Despite the travel optimism, the survey also shows that 64% answered “no” to whether they think the risk of infection will be over by the summer.

A total of 1,006 people aged 18+ participated in the survey.

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